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With 5+ years of experience in Bulk hiring / Mass recruitment we have commendable experience in Sourcing, Screening and Selection process of prospective candidates for Organizations across the length and breadth of India who are Multinationals and Internationals.

How are we different from other Bulk hiring / Mass recruitment consultants?

We have a dedicated team of experienced “Bulk hiring / Mass recruitment experts” and enthusiastic youngsters with strong on-field experience in Bulk hiring / Mass recruitment. Our “Bulk hiring / Mass recruitment experts” have got strong networks with Government, Quasi-government, NGOs’, Schools, Colleges, Skill development Institutes from Rural, Urban and Sub-urban locations of the Country.

For every Bulk hiring / Mass recruitment process we build database based on the agreed terms with the client, which will be arrived only after thorough study of the Industry norms, Management preference and Local viability.

Our Bulk hiring / Mass recruitment process is unique because of the scientific test tools which we use during the screening and selection processes.